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Together Forever by Teleflora

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Hoping to be together forever? Whether you'd like to send a message of love to a favorite beau, best friend or family member, this charming, crimson-hued bouquet - delivered in a special Teleflora cube vase - will be a lovely sentiment of your affection.

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Together Forever by Teleflora Vase

This sleek contemporary red glass cube from Teleflora's Flowers-in-a-Gift collection, adds a dash of color and great for votive candles too!

Average size, 10 inches height and 11 inches wide.

Average - $44.95

Medium size, 10 and a half inches height and 11 and a half inches wide.

Medium - $59.95

Lush size, 11 inches height and 12 inches wide.

Lush - $64.95